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London Bound

Ellie has gotten accepted into the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) for the fall semester. She can’t wait to continue to train her craft and study the most classic and well known playwrights in the birthplace of Shakespeare. 

Ellie stars as the lead Gina, in a new musical comedy web series Who Wants to Be A Mini Mouse

“Have you ever wondered where the brilliant character artists of Theme Park and Times Square fame were trained? Well, we know the answer: Howdie Cat Academy of the Character Arts or HOCACA as it's known colloquially. Gina Landro is an aspiring character artist studying under Howdie Cat when the most prestigious character arts competition reality show in the business, Who Wants to Be a Mini Mouse?, comes to town looking to recruit their next contestant. Gina is desperate to be on the show, so desperate in fact that she'll attempt a death defying move in order to impress the show's producer.


Of course, the path to success is always fraught with difficulties, one of whom is Michael, Howdie Cat's other protégé and Gina's arch

nemesis. Not that Gina sees him as her arch nemesis. She's far too optimistic to see anyone as anything but a Best Character Arts Friend (BCAF). Michael is a more experienced character artist who's also willing to do anything to secure a spot on the show...hen, of course, there's Josh, Gina's boyfriend. He's just tired of telling Gina to act like a grownup for once. But a dream is a dream… and Gina won't go down without a fight.”


Check out the series and even more extras at www.minimousetv.com

Ellie is going back to the '50s

Ellie has been cast as Vivian's Friend and B. Altman Makeup Counter Girl in the new Amazon Series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" set in the 1950s. The new dramedy is written by writer of Gilmore Girls, Amy Sherman-Palladino. Check out the first season on Amazon!

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